Most likely you are visiting this web site because you've noticed traffic coming from this IP address. This router is part of the Tor Anonymity Network, which is dedicated to helping computer users maintain their privacy online.

Tor has been developed to be a tool for free expression, privacy, and human rights. It is not a tool designed or intended to be used to break the law. Although some Tor users may use the network for malicious purposes, the vast majority are innocent, law-abiding citizens who use Tor to protect themselves from online censorship and mass surveillance.

The Tor Browser is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android.

To support the Tor Project, you can volunteer or donate.

If you operate a website or other service and you are concerned about activity which appears to be coming from this router, the Tor Project provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions about abuse. You have the option of blocking this IP address and others on the Tor network. However, please be considerate and think twice before blocking Tor. It would be unfortunate to deny millions of Tor users access to your site because of one or two bad apples. Most likely, those "bad apples" will simply switch to using the free wifi at a café or hotel instead.

It is not possible for the operator of this router to trace traffic passing through it back to individual users. No access logs or other metadata are collected or retained. This router is configured to only forward HTTPS and certain other types of encrypted traffic; email and peer-to-peer file-sharing are specifically excluded. This router does not host or contain any illegal content.

For additional information or assistance regarding this router, please contact Dave Pifke. My email address is my first name "at" my last name "dot org." I'm @dpifke on Twitter. My PGP key is available on Keybase.